Mgeni Visitor Management System

Mgeni VMS is an efficient and user friendly visitor management system. It helps to get rid of long-waiting queues and maintenance of logbooks. The system is supported by Android and IOS mobile devices and it is free to install.

The reporting dashboard is synchronized with the mobile app which gives a real visibility of the visitors at your premises.

The purpose of Mgeni is to secure visitors data, ensure data loss prevention and prevent leakage of any sensitive information.  Mgeni will help you building organized up-to-date customers database and give you comprehensive insight into customers behavior.


Mgeni is cloud based fully automated application which removes the burden of paper guest book which do not respect your guests' privacy. Currently visitors are issued with visitor tags and written gate pass which are manually transferred to visitors registers which is not safe and increases a risk of transmitting covid19.


Automated Check-in and Check-out Real-time reporting Registration of visitor's temperature Personalized notification through capturing visitor's image Pre-registration of visitors and guests Efficient tracking of delivery trucks, lorries

Use - Cases

Mgeni is a perfect fit for any client and organization and fits across industries such as: Estates,  Commercial buildings, Business Parks, Shopping Malls, Buildings such as: Residential, Educational, Institutional, Storage type of buildings, Industrial i.e. Industrial parks etc.

  • Improving building security and employees safety
  • Improves customer satisfaction and professionalism
  • Secures data and keeps records secured in the cloud for reference
  • Flexible solution that can grow with your business
  • Increases efficiency and office security
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